What is Video Production?

what is video production orlandoWhat is video production? Content creation and videos in particular are very popular nowadays. To stand out and impress a target audience, creating professional-looking (and sounding) videos is absolutely necessary. The entire process of video production enables you to create great content that’s worthy of both publishing and sharing and reflects well on your brand. 

Video production is the process of creating video content. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t as simple as shooting videos on your smartphone or camera and publishing it online or elsewhere. It is the process of creating videos that are used practically everywhere. Some examples include films and movies, marketing videos, commercials, music videos, YouTube videos, and many more. 

Video Production: What Are Its Primary Stages?

The primary stages of video production include pre-production, the actual production, and post-production. While others would skip the first stage and proceed to the second stage of actual production without any planning at all, there are, in fact, many advantages of going through all stages. 


Pre-production is all about preparation. You are just in the planning stage so there will be no shooting or recording at all here. During this stage, you and your production team will be coming up with an idea for a video. This is the time to write a script, choose a cast, if necessary, and fill up all positions in the production team. At this point, shoot locations and all video production tools and equipment should also be prepared. 


The actual production stage is when you will execute the ideas and plans you have prepared for in the pre-production stage. More often than not, many angles are established and shots are recorded (then re-recorded) until the perfect scene is captured. Having multiple choices also makes the post-production process simpler. 


The final stage is post-production. This is where everything in the production process comes together. Video and audio editing, motion graphics, and finishing touches are done during this stage. 

Hire a Professional Videographer in Orlando, FL

Knowing the steps of video production is one thing—executing it perfectly is another. You need skills, experience, tools, equipment, and a talented team to make a great video. If you need to hire a professional videographer in Orlando, FL or surrounding areas, CSK Creative is here to help. Just call 407-250-7373 for a free quote!