Videographer Cost

videographer cost orlandoMany business owners already understand the importance of hiring a videographer for their marketing needs or for event coverage, however, some are also having second thoughts because of the expenses associated with hiring a professional. In our opinion, it’s always best to learn more about the factors affecting videographer cost before making a final decision, because all videographers are not created equal. And the “bargain-priced” is not a value if the quality of the work isn’t there. On the other hand, you might be pleasantly surprised once you learn that getting a pro for your videography needs can actually be more affordable than you expected.

Factors Affecting Videographer Cost

How much does a videographer cost? This is probably the very first question that comes to mind when one thinks of getting videography services. While some companies have enough budget to include an in-house videographer who can work on all of their video and filming needs, there are others that need to outsource the service. Many times, we’ve seen companies improvise and go a DIY route. However, truth be told, non-professional work can sometimes be evident when looking at the results. So to give you an idea of what affects the cost of hiring a videographer, here are some factors that are taken into consideration.

  1. Type of Videography Service Required: First and foremost, to come up with a quotation on videography services, you will be asked what type of video you need. The price for a video ad that’s filmed in a studio differs greatly from a corporate event video.
  2. Shoot Location: Will the video be filmed in a studio in town or will the videographer and his team have to travel far for the job? This, of course, will be taken into consideration as well.
  3. Equipment: More often than not, the videographer will bring his own equipment to a shoot. Some videography jobs only require one camera, but in many other cases, more equipment such as multiple cameras, lights, drones, sound and more are needed.
  4. The Videographer’s Team: Larger jobs require larger teams. Videography is not always a one-man job.
  5. Video Length: Aside from the time spent while filming, the videographer will also have to edit the video afterward before submitting a finished product to you. The time spent working on the post-production—otherwise known as editing—of a 30-minute video will take much longer compared to a simple 30-second video ad.

Get a Quote for Videography Services

Production companies charge differently when it comes to videography services, and if you’re curious about how much a videographer would cost, then all you have to do is ask. CSK Creative in Orlando is here to help you out for all of your videography and photography requirements. Get a quote and consult with an expert by calling us at 407-250-7373.