Video Recording Equipment Checklist

A high-end video recording equipment kit is one of the most important things to consider when creating video content. Obviously, you can’t shoot videos without any equipment, and your business needs video. So to make sure you have everything in order before you start production, we’ve created this handy checklist below. 

But before we get into that, you should also know that equipment used for video production is usually expensive. Be prepared to make a fairly large investment when you want a complete kit, especially for large-scale projects. It’s great to note that some of the items we’ll be listing down below are optional. This means that you can get away with just the basics and still create a decent looking video. 

Video Recording Equipment You Need for Video Production

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A Good Camera

Topping the list would be a good camera. A professional video camera—if you don’t have one yet—can easily take a large portion of your budget. If you expect to use this camera to create content more than just a few times, then you might as well invest in one. If not, you can also use DSLR cameras. Many DSLRs that sell for cheap can shoot high-definition videos, and they look pretty great too. 

A Portable Camera

You definitely need more than one camera. Your second or third camera should be portable. Smaller cameras are easier to handle. You can get several angles and choose the best one during the editing stage. 

Tripod and Gimbal

The tripod and gimbal are two entirely different things, but they have similar purposes. They offer a more stable shot for your videos. While the tripod stands and holds your camera while recording in just one position, a videographer holds the gimbal, which serves as a stabilizer while they are on the move. Both can effectively eliminate or reduce shaky footage—a definite no-no if you’re aiming for professional videos. 

Lighting Equipment

Lights and reflectors are considered essentials for your video recording equipment kit. Even if you are in an outdoor location during the daytime where the sun provides the best natural lighting, proper lighting is essential to improve the mood and overall look of your video.


Most cameras have built-in microphones, but don’t make the mistake of relying on these to give you the audio you need. You must have an external microphone available for good quality sound that won’t turn off your audience. Lavalier or lapels microphones are necessary when you have a cast with speaking roles.

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A complete set of video recording equipment can certainly help you create content. But remember, you also need a skilled and talented production team to make your vision of an amazing video come to life. For your video production needs in Orlando, FL, allow us to assist you. We have experienced videographers and editors. Best of all, we have all the equipment you need and more. Call CSK Creative at 407-250-7373 for your inquiries!