Video Production Equipment

What type of video production equipment do you need to create high quality videos? We will be sharing with you below some of the most common and essential tools and equipment you need for shooting videos. 

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to produce your own videos. Even some higher-quality smartphones have the technology in them to make good quality videos. The thing is, if you really want to take your video production to a higher level you will need certain pieces of video production equipment to do that. This is especially true if you want to make professional-quality videos that take your brand to the next level. 

Essential Video Production Equipment for Content Creation

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Depending on the type of video you wish to create or other factors such as your budget, there are many different types of video production equipment that you may find useful and essential. 


It goes without saying that you need a fairly decent camera to take good quality videos. The higher the level you want to take your video production to, the better the camera you will need to do that. Take your time when shopping for a new video camera because there are many good ones out there at very affordable prices.

Portable Camera

If you like to have a lot of spontaneity in the videos you shoot, you will want a smaller video camera that you can take anyplace with you. This is not practical if you have a bigger camera as they are too cumbersome to haul around. A smaller, more portable second video camera that you carry with you will always be there for those spur of the moment video capturing situations that sometimes pop up. In fact, if you’re looking for the best video camera for vlogging, a portable camera might be a good choice for you. Many times small mirrorless cameras are a great option here. If you really want to stretch your budget, you can get an older DSLR camera that still shoots high quality HD footage for very cheap these days. Particularly secondhand, you don’t need to spend much money to get a nice camera.

External Microphone

We mentioned that even simple smart devices these days have the ability to take some pretty good quality video. What we did not mention is that the built-in sound quality in most devices that take video is not very good. That means if you want to make higher quality videos you will need to add an external microphone onto your list of essential pieces of video production equipment. Once you hear the improvement in your video sound quality you will be very happy that you did. Particularly outdoors in windy conditions and anywhere there is a lot of ambient noise, an external microphone is absolutely essential. 


There is nothing that will make you lose your audience faster when they watch a video that you produced than having unstable images in your video. This is why a tripod is an essential piece of video equipment for any aspiring videographer. It will help make the video you shoot look more professional by keeping the footage extremely stable. Remember to keep things simple and don’t overcomplicate your tripod shots with a lot of movement. 


Tripods are great but they have one big limitation: They do not work very well at keeping images that you shoot stable while on the move. That’s where having a nice gimbal comes in very handy. Anyone who shoots their videos on the move (we call it run and gun in the business) can never go wrong in purchasing a good gimbal. They come in a variety of different sizes, so you can find them to fit any size camera you own.

Conversation/Lavalier Microphone

External microphones work well but they will not cut it when you are trying to do something like recording an interview. That’s when you need a microphone that can clip to a person’s collar or pen pocket. This is called a Lavalier microphone. They do a very nice job of producing excellent sound quality when you are interviewing someone. Remember to hide the cord under the person’s clothes for a professional look.

Editing and Production Software

Some of the most important pieces of video production equipment that everyone who wants to make quality videos should have is editing and production software. There are a lot of good software choices out there that will make producing high-quality video very easy for you. This includes software that can clip and splice sections of the video you shot, add background music, and even add text into a video. Here again, it’s best to keep it simple with editing. It can be tempting to add in many different types of transitions and filters but in the end these will mostly just distract from your message. In the event that you will be livestreaming a video, you may also want to consider one of the best video streaming app.

Hire an Expert Video Production Company in Orlando, FL

Aside from video production equipment, you need a competent team to make your video project stand out in a good way rather than bad. If you are in the Orlando area, CSK Creative can help. We have the team and warehouses of equipment to make any video production project work. Call us at 407-250-7373 so we can discuss your project!