Training Video

Training videos and online courses are some of the most valuable videos out there, because for every hour of video you record, that’s an hour you don’t have to pay a trainer. Or an army of trainers. In other words, a series of high-quality training videos or an online course can take the place of a huge training staff or become an extra revenue source in no time.

Training videos can be shot in all kinds of ways, from recording a live training with an audience to using a green screen to animated explainer videos to interactive videos. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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Live Training Video

There’s just something about the energy of a live training. We can capture audience reactions, questions, the speaker’s enthusiasm is peaked—it’s fantastic. Generally, our crew will come and record, then take the power point and composite in the slides either on the projectors or full screen. We can zoom in on key information and add in any videos or photos the presenter may have used, and of course, we can cut out any parts where the speaker may have stumbled for a smoother overall delivery. In short, it’s just like being there but you can watch it on your own time and it’s more polished.

Onsite Training Video

These are exactly like they sound. We come to your factility and document your team doing it the right way, so other branches and other team members can follow suit. It saves time, money, and ensures compliance.

Green Screen Training Video

Green Screen allows the presenter to do the entire training or course in a studio with the green screen replaced by a digital background. We can control the sound, the delivery, the material, the visuals—literally everything can come out exactly the way you want it. We have the option of using anything from power point slides to custom motion graphics animations for the visuals, depending on budget. Many clients love the overall look that green screen can provide, which has almost unlimited possibilities and can give smaller brands a much bigger feel. CSK Creative’s Orlando studio has a full-length green screen capable of projects big and small.

Animated Explainer Training Videos

Great for either online courses or training videos, animated explainers are the motion-graphics-based videos you see all the time online and on TV. They utilize everything from cartoon characters to white boards with hands drawing on them to clean, corporate graphics. Animated explainers typically start with a well-thought-out script, get the voice track recorded by a professional voice over artist, then build the motion graphics around that. Regardless of what type of animated explainer training video you create, CSK Creative can make a final product that is fun and engaging.

Interactive Training Video

Adding an interactive component to training videos and online courses is the next big thing. Instead of the viewer sitting back and passively taking in information, they are actively participating in the experience with quizzes, links to outside content, chapters, scoring and much more. Interactive training videos take the viewer from passive to active, and the possibilities are endless. Any of the above types of training videos can be made interactive to increase engagement.

Some examples of different types of common training videos along with how Power Point can be composited into them.

Training videos can take the place of repetitive tasks, freeing up staff time and resources.