Testimonial Video

testimonial video

Here’s a simple fact in today’s world: What people say about your business is more important than what you say about your business. Think about it. How many times have you looked at a product online and ignored the manufacturer’s description in favor of the customer reviews? That’s the power of testimonial videos.

Whether your business is a restaurant, a manufacturer, a retailer, a university, a nonprofit or really any organization that sells anything to anyone, you can benefit from testimonial videos. And more is better.

Testimonials tell your business’s story in the words of your customers, and that last part is the key. The authenticity that talks to potential buyers in their own language about how your product, service or business solved their problem will do more to convert a skeptic into a believer than almost anything else.

The process is simple. You will identify some suitable customers, we will help you prep them with questions to practice ahead of time, we’ll all get together on the day of the shoot, and we will use every trick in the book to make them feel comfortable and get the most out of their endorsement. When we finish polishing it in the editing phase, the result will be a series of testimonial videos that look professional, but still retain the authenticity that will convert new prospective clients.

We believe in testimonial videos so much, we get them from our clients as well.

The process is easy, and many of our clients find it quite fun to hear their favorite customers gushing about their business. To get the process started on your professional testimonial videos, contact CSK Creative now.