Social Media Marketing Videos

Social media marketing videos are a quick and eye-catching way of getting your message across. Nothing will ever replace an on-ground video shoot, but as budgets get constrained and audience attention spans get shorter, it can be beneficial to use post-production tricks to do a lot with a little.

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Here are some ways to create short, effective social media marketing videos with digital content.

I happened to be the one who shot this content but these same techniques can be used with content that may already exist (such as stock or an internal library) or that may have been specifically shot for this purpose.

First off, still photos.

Since a company, organization, or university will often have stills even if they don’t have video, it’s possible to make a still image into a captivating social media marketing video that can grab attention with or without sound. Integrating text into these short videos is crucial because most social media platforms don’t play videos with sound unless the user enables it.

Here are a few examples of videos I mocked up that are all less than seven seconds long. These were all created from material I recently gathered on a shoot with extremely limited B roll capturing time, which means even a less experienced videographer or photographer might have something already in their library we could use to create a video. These were all just normal people as well. No professional models or actors.

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This simple, short video effect with integrated text works just as well with live action footage too, as evidenced below.

Short Marketing Video

The video you end up with can be used in multiple locations such as, for example, an animated gif (like I did above), a motion background, an email newsletter graphic, a trade show display and much more. A really common use is in online advertising. Imagine replacing a single image with these compelling images that tell a story in under seven seconds. You can imagine what that will do to your click through rates. You can take multiple short clips and assemble them into a longer video as well. Or you can use the shorter video as a teaser to get people to click and then have a longer video with more information on your landing page. The possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to hear more about these techniques, if you’d like a quote on an upcoming project or you have a question about anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me using the information below.

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