Small Business Video Production

small business video production orlando fl

We get it, small businesses do not typically have the same types of working capital and big budgets that larger companies have. That’s why we’ve tailored our company around both large and small business video production. Small businesses just have to be more creative and effective with the advertising dollars they have on hand. That’s why so many businesses are turning to videos as their lower-cost advertising medium of choice.

Here are the reasons why small business video production is a great choice for any smaller size company trying to better establish themselves.

  1. Video is engaging

People tend to click on videos and watch them much more often than they do advertising in print or pictures. They also tend to stay engaged while watching the video all the way through. Even the laziest shoppers have no problem watching videos.

  1. Videos can rapidly increase your number of followers

If you have an interesting product or service, those that like it will tend to share it with others. That’s the reason videos are such an attractive advertising medium. Sharing them on social media is very simple so people are encouraged to do it more often than with other forms of advertising.

  1. Videos are a cost-effective form of advertising

It costs much less to produce a video than most small business owners think, especially when done in bulk. That’s why videos are considered to have such a good return on investment. Another reason that videos are a cost-effective form of advertising is that people care more about the content in them than the quality of the production. That’s why you see so many black and white small business video production spots that just feature stickmen and pointing symbols to get their message across. The point is, video production can be accomplished on many different levels and many different budgets, all very effectively.

  1. Videos can get your product noticed more quickly

We mentioned how videos are very easy to share, and this is what many small businesses like about them. They also can easily be placed in large, small, and midsize advertising mediums. That type of exposure can help build a company’s brand recognition very quickly. From television to pre-roll ads to social media ads, your video can build recognition for your product or service.

  1. Video explains a product or service much better than print can

Ever call someone because it would just take too long to send an email and describe something complex? This is just like that.

Small business video production has proven to be much more effective when it comes to explaining a product or service and how it adds value to someone’s life. It also does so in a faster and more engaging way than print or photo advertising can. It’s no secret that people tend to buy products and services that they feel they’ve “figured out.” No buyer likes to think they are just rolling the dice when they make a purchase, and a confused prospect never buys.

When you need help with small business video production, CSK Creative is here to provide assistance. We offer our services to both small and large corporations in Orlando and surrounding areas in Florida. You can reach us for a quote or to discuss your project by calling 407-250-7373.