Recruiting Videos

Corporate Videographer Orlando FL

People are the biggest asset of any company, and one of the biggest challenges facing a fast-growing company is finding a steady supply of qualified talent that fits the company culture. This is where your new recruiting videos come in. They show potential candidates how great your company is to work for and why it’s the better choice than all the other organizations flooding their inbox.

Typically most useful for mid-size to large companies, recruiting videos are often shot onsite and use actual employees so prospective employees can see their future coworkers. Think of a recruiting video as a “day in the life” of an employee, where the applicant can really start to see themselves working at that company or in that business unit, or in that particular position. The size of the company and how quickly it’s growing will determine how far to narrow the focus here.

We’ve found that any company needing quality applicants can use recruiting videos, but specifically tech positions are so in-demand that companies have a hard time luring talent away at reasonable rates without featuring some lifestyle perks as well. This is especially true with the millennial age group, who are often more motivated by quality of life than money.

With CSK Creative, the process of producing recruiting videos is simpler than you may think. Your team and CSK Creative will have a long conversation and mine the nuggets that make your company stand out from the rest in terms of lifestyle benefits, and then we will work up a script.

Since many companies like to use actual employees for these videos, we will lean on your HR Manager to suggest some future stars and get them the script ahead of time so they can practice up. And don’t worry, if they’re a little nervous when it comes to the day of the shoot, we will make them feel totally comfortable with a host of tricks we’ve learned over the years. Combined with editing skills to smooth everything out, the result will be an authentic piece that draws in future applicants and keeps your business on a growth track for years to come.

If you’d like to start the process of creating your recruiting video, contact CSK Creative now!