A New Product Release Video for JVC


JVC contacted CSK Creative Agency to produce a product release video from start to finish for their new consumer camera line, the JVC Everio Quadproof.  JVC being a pioneer in the camera industry, we were thrilled to be able to strategize and develop a visually stimulating marketing project for their company.  Hope you enjoy!

Quadproof means it’s ready to withstand water, sand, snow and shock from being dropped so CSK Creative and the Florida Videographer team were tasked with coming up with a way to demonstrate all these things in a cost-effective way.

Handling all levels of production on this project, CSK Creative pulled together a team out in Colorado for the winter shoot and executed the rest of the product video in Florida, including motion graphics.  A product release video or product launch video is a great way to connect your brand with your customer when new items, ideas or app updates come about.  Aside from the routine text and pictures, a release video makes a much more compelling connection through emotion and honesty with your customer base.

Whether you are a software company, have developed a new app to rollout, produce outdoor play equipment or anything in between, we would love to help you create some video magic for your new product launch.  Contact us and let’s get creative!

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