Photography Pre-Production Checklist

Are you preparing to shoot images for your marketing collateral or promotional materials? Knowing the items included in a photography pre-production checklist ensures the project gets off on the right foot and continues down the path to your vision. This is especially important if you are hiring a photographer. You can then manage your expectations and have the opportunity to plan, prepare, and let the photographer know your ideas and the results you want to get from the final deliverables. 

When hiring a photographer or a company that will help you capture the images you’re looking for, you must trust them and believe in their skills and abilities. However, the photographer needs your input too. He or she needs to know what your requirements are. Therefore, more often than not, you will be involved in the preparation stage. And yes, you can be just as involved in the actual shoot and the post-production stage too. 

Photography Pre-Production Checklist Orlando

What is Included in a Photography Pre-Production Checklist? 

Several items are included in a pre-production checklist for a photography session. These items may vary depending on the type of shoot you’re planning for. Of course, outdoor shoot locations have very different requirements from indoor shoot locations. The same goes if you will be taking photos of people versus food or products and so on. Here are some of the general steps included in most checklists during the pre-production stage: 

Identification of Goals, Strategies, and Expectations – These are the first and most important things you have to set straight before starting a photography project. You have to be sure you are on the same page with the photographer so you can achieve your desired results. 

Budget Setting – The next step would be setting the budget for the shoot. You can let the photographer know how much you are willing to spend and he or she will strive to make most out of that budget for the project. 

Location Scouting – The shoot location can be indoors or outdoors. It may be in your office or a studio. The production team may also look for other locations that would be the best backdrop for the shoot’s theme. 

Meet with the Production Team – Every member of the production crew including the photographer(s) should be present in the team meeting so that everyone knows about the goals for the shoot as well as your expected results. 

Shot List – While some photographers would randomly take pictures and still come out with great results, photography for marketing or business purposes require a shot list.

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Hopefully this example of a photography pre-production checklist has given you an idea of what happens before a shoot starts. If you are looking for a photography crew that goes through meticulous preparation and can guarantee professional-looking images that will best represent your brand, call CSK Creative in Orlando. You may reach us at 407-250-7373 for inquiries.