Interactive Video For Educational Learning

Some projects remind you why you got involved in your business in the first place, and this was one of them.

Our project with Orlando Science Center and the University of Central Florida working on a grant from NASA was not only great because of the talented team at Orlando Science Center, but also because every bit of our collective creativity went toward a great cause. The video series we created went to help chronically and critically ill children complete educational activities during their hospital stays, and that was a cause we were more than happy to get on board with.

Based on a popular modular robot system designed for kids, the team at OSC and UCF designed a bunch of “missions” based on space exploration. The kids would make robots that launched rockets, sought out specific colors, and modeled the orbits of scaled-down versions of Earth and Mars. Our job was to help edit scripts, create websites, and then make videos that helped the kids both get excited about and understand the material they would be working on. We made videos with animations of everything from T. rexes to cats with this goal in mind. We then worked with the OSC team to make the videos interactive, which meant we did coding in HTML5 on the back end to make hotspots that linked out to additional videos, quizzes that checked the viewer’s knowledge and much more. The interactive aspect took the “linear” videos from passive to active and got the kids engaged, making the end product far more powerful.

The finished series is something we are very proud to be able to share, and we’re even more proud that it will entertain and inform kids who need a little distraction from their situation for years to come. If you have an idea for a video project, contact us now! We can talk about how to make your vision a reality and the brainstorming session is absolutely free of charge.