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An interactive video is a type of video that’s fast becoming popular among businesses—especially those who are attempting to gain more leads. It involves audience interaction to complete the train of thought that is expressed in the video. It has been proven to be a very effective tool for businesses looking for creative ways to generate more sales.

Some wonder if these types of videos are difficult to produce. The answer is no if they are done by someone with experience. Fortunately, there are plenty of video production companies out there that have been successfully doing them for many years.

What is an Interactive Video?

As far as self-explanatory names go, an interactive video, in its simplest form, is a video that requires user interaction in some way. Perhaps it’s best to compare it to more typical videos that are linear. That means a watcher is limited to such functions as stopping, starting, pausing, or speeding up or down a video. Digital videos that support user interaction go above and beyond that, and the audience now becomes more than just a spectator. It’s this extra participation that is thought to engage the audience on a much higher level and thus gives the video a better chance to generate sales or leads. 

Benefits of Using Interactive Videos 

It was already mentioned that interactive videos are thought to generate more sales opportunities than traditional linear videos. The benefits do not start and end with just the fact that these videos keep an audience more engaged. This more intense engagement is also thought to directly lead a potential customer to be more likely to respond to a call to action. So, it’s easy to see how these types of videos can greatly benefit those in the e-commerce business. This process works by engaging a viewer just as they are about to drop off a “cliff,” or a point in the video where a viewer’s attention span naturally begins to wane. By bringing them back into the experience with an interactive element, the viewer is much more likely to continue on with the video and transact with your company, whether it be a generated lead, a quiz completed or any of the other engaging interactive elements available. 

They are very helpful in many other ways too. An interactive video tends to optimize the viewing experience. This means your audience is not only more engaged but they tend to enjoy the video more as well. They can also be very impactful when it comes to such things as SEO, social media presence, and brand recognition. It has also been found that digital videos that support user interaction can be combined with gamification, which makes it even more impressive. That makes them a video tool that no company should easily overlook.  

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