How to Create Attention-Grabbing Instagram Video Ads

Many businesses are now taking advantage of Instagram video ads to reach out to their target audience or market. However, not all of them have the ability to make an Instagram user stop, watch their video, or even click on their link to learn more about their product or service. It is best to know how to add that attention-grabbing factor, which can produce a video that will actually make one spend a few seconds to a minute of their time to see what that content is all about. 

Recent statistics show that there are now roughly a billion active Instagram users with over 140 million of those users based in the United States. So if you’re still thinking twice about whether the platform is worth your time, then that might change your time. 

Ideal Instagram Video Ads Specifications

Instagram Video Ads OrlandoIn the beginning, Instagram only allowed square photos to be uploaded on their platform. Eventually, they made vertical and horizontal images available too. Soon enough, videos are taking over Instagram, whether they’re regular posts or on Instagram stories. While customization is possible now on this social network, it would be good to follow ideal specifications that can attract your target audience better. 

First of all, you should be uploading high-definition videos. Nobody likes watching grainy, pixelated videos shot with incredibly shaky hands. Your Instagram video’s dimensions should be square at 1080×1080 or vertical at 1080×1920. Though some would still upload horizontal videos, we strongly recommend against this because Instagram doesn’t allow full-screen videos. Users can’t and wouldn’t like to turn their phones just to get a better view. 

Keep Your Audience Interested

It goes without saying that your content should be really good to keep your target audience locked in and wanting more. That being said, you should strategically create a video ad that’s interesting and informational yet short enough to keep your audience interested. Most people would simply scroll down to the next post if it takes too long for you to grab their attention. So on that very first second, your video needs to be incredible. 

Also, Instagram allows for video durations of 3 to 60 seconds long. If your video ad will be uploaded as a story, then it should only be up to 15 seconds. While IGTV allows longer videos, it’s good to focus on these shorter yet more interesting videos that can help you catch (and keep) your audience’s attention. 

Creative Video Production Experts in Orlando, FL

If you have a couple of seconds to grab your audience’s attention before they scroll down, then you need to make sure your video is good enough for them to want more. For creative and impressive Instagram video ads for your business, contact CSK Creative. We are an Orlando-based video production company that can help you with all your videography needs. Contact us at 407-250-7373 to discuss your project!