Economically Disadvantaged Business Certification Through the Small Business Administration

Economically Disadvantaged Business CertificationCSK Creative is very proud of its Economically Disadvantaged Business Certification through the Small Business Administration. This certification recognizes our company’s nimble structure while simultaneously allowing us to connect with organizations that want to fill their supply chain with diverse businesses throughout the state of Florida and the United States as a whole.

There are many strict qualifications for attaining the Economically Disadvantaged Business certification and achieving it represents CSK Creative’s commitment to being represented in the pool of talented vendors a business can call on to foster diversity in its organization.

While being an Economically Disadvantaged Business may sound like it means we are very small, in reality, CSK Creative has worked with some big-name clients like JVC, Hewlett Packard, Papa Johns and Total Wine & More. The quality of our work is always bigger than our budgets represent because of our talented group of dedicated staff that will get the job done no matter what. Many of our clients remark about how they loved the nimbleness of the CSK Creative team where the creative process may have taken the production in a new direction that larger, more stagnant companies could not follow. We recently worked with a pre-approval pharmaceutical company to shoot videos of extremely ill patients who were being helped by the drug in clinical trials, and this nimbleness was shown to full effect. The patients and families had been through more than any human should have to endure, so the last thing we wanted to do was put them through the wringer with a big production crew and a full day of shooting. Instead, we took only a small part of their day and shot around activities they would have already done to be as non-invasive as possible. The shoot worked out wonderfully and the natural interactions we captured never would have happened if we followed a rigid shot list. This is just one example of our agile structure and can-do attitude.

If you would like to hire a team that gets the job done on time and on budget and you consider diversity to be an advantage in your business, please contact us. CSK Creative offers video production, photography, copywriting, Florida photo boat, and more services. You may reach us at 407-250-7373 for a free quote.