The Difference Between Film and Video Production

While they are quite similar in many ways, there’s still a big difference between film and video production. Many times, producers and other content creators take for granted these differences and the result is poor videos or films. If you are planning to create your video content soon, it would be great to learn more about both the obvious as well as subtle differences between these two popular forms of visual media.

Crew Size

Even films done on a small scale require a large team of people to help produce them. As a testament to this, on bigger film projects the credits seem to roll on forever. This is usually not the case with video production. It is—more often than not—done by small teams, and videos can even be individually produced very easily with today’s modern video and audio recording technology. 

Location Size

With the advent of computer-generated graphics, there is not as much need anymore for films to be shot at a large number of different locations, but even simpler and shorter films are still shot in at least 3 different locations. That is usually not the case with video production. With video production the location footprint is very often accomplished in a single location, like an office or a warehouse or a studio. 

Script Length

Scripts for films, especially feature films, tend to be very elaborate undertakings that are also constantly edited. That is not the case with video scripts in most cases. Most of them are simple and very straightforward and once written very few changes are made to them. At times, a storyboard would even be enough and the actual words uttered are done impromptu. In other cases, text is added to the video during the editing process and there is no spoken script at all. 

Target Audience: Entertainment vs. Promotional

Usually, these two forms of visual media have different audiences because they are made for different reasons. Most of the time, film production is done for entertainment with the big screen as the ultimate showcase. Although videos are produced for entertainment too, many of them are also meant to express opinions, promote a product or service, introduce a business, create demand for a certain job, supply information, and give instructions.

Shooting Medium

Another big difference between film and video production is the vast majority of videos these days are shot using digital video. That’s because the quality has become much improved over the years and it’s a very budget-friendly form of visual media production. Although movies can and are shot using digital video these days (especially low budget projects), many purist filmmakers still believe that films come out better and have more visual impact when shot using film.

Shooting Video: The Low-Stress Way

Generally speaking, there is a lot less stress involved when it comes to shooting digital video. When making a film a lot more goes into such things as cast selection, hiring crew members, production, editing and so forth. And when the production is truly shooting celluloid film, the budget gets inflated every second the camera is rolling. Not the case with digital. This is one of the many reasons why amateur and professional filmmakers alike use digital video as opposed to film much more often these days. 


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difference between film and video production

Although the differences mentioned above point out the simplicity of video production compared to film making, it doesn’t mean that producing videos is easy at all. Particularly when you are creating content for your business, an amateur video just won’t connect to your target market or audience. 

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