Corporate Videographer OrlandoContent is king. Bill Gates said these words many years ago but they remain very true today. Whether it’s written content or visuals, nothing else will ever rule the Internet more than great content. So if you should release any video content for your business, it is best to make sure that you’re getting help from a corporate videographer. Not a wedding videographer, or a college student, but professional corporate videographer. If your goal is to reach your target audience in today’s saturated market, it’s critical to give them something polished, professional, on-brand and on-message to watch. 

So should you hire a corporate videographer? The short answer to that question is a resounding yes! But allow us to explain in detail why investing in your company’s videos is critical to both presenting your brand in its best light and reaching new and existing customers with a clear, concise message.

Equipment and Editing Software: Sure, many of us have the best smartphones or a good camera, but a professional videographer is equipped with more than just a camera. Lighting equipment, microphones, and backdrops are only some of the things they will bring to the shoot location. They also have the necessary editing software (along with years spent honing their editing skills) and an army of pro editors who can polish your footage until it’s absolutely perfect. Beyond the basic cutting, motion graphics will bring your project to the next level. Over 80% of videos on social media are watched without sound, so having animated text say what your customers may not be hearing is critical to delivering your message. 

Professional Look: As mentioned earlier, you need a video that looks professional. If it doesn’t, your whole brand takes a credibility hit. If you want your target audience or market to trust your business, you have to put your best foot forward. A raw, shaky, and blurry video with poor audio wouldn’t exactly translate to trustworthiness. In other words, amateur marketing reflects an amateur business.

Get Your Message Across: Admit it. When you see lengthy written content without great visuals, you probably would be scrolling down to the next, more interesting thing you will find online. Many would even say, “too long, didn’t read.” However, even a minute-long video would be more than enough to get your message across to your audience. That’s a single minute of their time compared to several minutes of possible boredom while reading extremely long articles or reports. And if your video is interesting and entertaining enough, your audience might even share it with others too! 

So if you run a business in Orlando and the surrounding areas, know that you can contact CSK Creative whenever you need a corporate videographer. We offer video production services, photography services, copywriting, and much more. You may reach us at 407-250-7373 for your inquiries and the process is easier than you think. We look forward to hearing from you!