Corporate About Us Video

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Corporate about us videos are the bridge between you and your customers. Instead of your customers wondering what your company might be all about, you get to control the message and tell them in your own words exactly what makes your company so great. Corporate about us videos are useful for companies of all sizes from startups looking to raise capital to small businesses increasing their customer base to Fortune 500 companies developing a better relationship with their established audience. Here’s how we make great corporate about us videos at CSK Creative.

It starts with you.

During our pre-production meeting, we listen to what makes your company so special. What sets you apart from the competition? What makes your customers “lifers” when your competitors are only getting transactional buyers? In other words, what is it that allows you to thrive in a competitive marketplace? Why is your hiring so much better than the place across the street? What makes your corporate culture so special that your turnover rate is the lowest in the industry?

We take that information and apply our creativity to write a script. Our award-winning script writers can make any business come to life on the page, and even more so in the final video.

Next, it’s time to make storyboards. These can be very structured or just general guidelines of how we think the shoot will flow, depending on the client and the subject matter.

From here we will location scout where we want to shoot virtually or in person, and then it’s time to shoot! The actual shoot day of a corporate about us video—while a lot of work—is generally very low stress with CSK Creative because we’ve worked with you so much on the front end to make sure the video will truly explain your company. It’s just execution at this point.

And finally, there’s the post-production. This is where the project really comes alive. The great shots are made even better, the custom graphics are produced, the perfect sound bites are mined and the ideal music is chosen to make corporate about us videos that showcase the people, processes, culture, and products that make your company so special.

It’s time to set your company apart with corporate about us videos. Contact us now to get the process started.