Corporate Event Photography Tips

Whether you’re starting a photography career or you’ve been taking photos for a living for a long time, you might find these corporate event photography tips useful. There’s a huge demand for corporate event coverage services so photographers and videographers must stay knowledgeable and do what it takes to add to their skills so they always have an edge over the competition. There are things to do before, during, and after a corporate event to ensure all the best shots are taken. When you miss a good moment during a live event, there’s no turning back.

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Communicate With Your Client

Clients have the first and final say. While creativity is encouraged, it is best to communicate with your client to learn more about what they want and need from you. For corporate events, ask whether they’re interested in formal shots or candid pictures, or both. Find out whether there are key people you need to watch out for so you won’t miss taking their photos. Ask whether they’re looking for a specific look or feel.

Create a shot list based on your client’s requirements. Make sure you have all the shots they need by the end of the event. Sometimes, you can take all these shots in just the first hour. You can spend the remaining time flexing your creative muscles with shots that go above and beyond the normal corporate event shots.

Learn All You Can About the Venue

Find ways to visit the event venue beforehand. This way, you can check lighting conditions and find the best areas for you to take pictures. If this isn’t possible, ask for a floor plan or discuss the event setup or layout with your client. On the day of the event, make sure you arrive well ahead of time. It doesn’t matter if you’re the earliest there. This gives you time to prepare your equipment, take some test shots, and plan your coverage.

Dress Well and Be Polite

Nobody wants an arrogant event attendee, more so someone who will take their pictures. So be sure you’re dressed for the occasion and you’re extremely cordial. It won’t hurt for you to ask your client about the dress code and what they expect you to wear. Be polite to everyone – from the top corporate officials to the people ushering guests in.

Do not be a distraction. Try your best to blend in with the crowd and never demand any attention to yourself. If possible, do not use or at least minimize flash photography. Introduce yourself or ask permission, if possible, when taking pictures of attendees, but do not interrupt their conversations.

Your Client is Always Number One Priority

Take as many pictures as you can and choose the best ones to present to your client. If there’s a photo with an unflattering angle of your client, trash it. Also, your passion to be creative on the job may get in the way. In corporate photography, the client’s requirements should be the top priority. When there’s extra time, then you can experiment with creative shots.

Finally, do not assume that you can always use your clients’ pictures for your portfolio. You must respect their privacy. Sure, those are pictures you took and you used your camera, but if you were paid for those photos, they become your client’s property. Ask permission if you need to add some of the event photos to your portfolio and if they don’t mind having their brand mentioned there as well.

Corporate Event Photography in Orlando, Florida

If you are a photographer or aspiring to be one, we hope these corporate event photography tips helped you out. If you are planning a corporate event and looking for experienced and fully-equipped photographers in Orlando to cover the event for you, then we are the company to call. CSK Creative offers professional videography and photography services for all kinds of events in Orlando and the surrounding areas. Contact us at 407-250-7373 to discuss your project.