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A Video Tribute to Golf Dialog

CSK Creative shot this video with Golf Digest. We had a blast and learned a few things about golf vernacular.

If you’re not a golfer, you’re probably not going to get some of the quirky remarks. If you are a golfer, pick out how many things you or your buddies have said on the course and email it to me at craig.kotilinek@gmail.com.

Behind the Scenes

Sh*t Golfers Say was produced in the golf capital of the world, sunny Orlando Florida at Rio Pinar Country Club. We filmed this video with the Canon 7D with audio being recorded on a Tascam DR40 with two Sennheiser wireless mics. We mic’ed up two of the talent at a time and focused the golf dialog on that pair, with the other two being background color and providing reactions. Then, we’d switch over the mics to the two and get more takes and then move on to the next location. All together, we recorded 125 unique takes of different phrases common in golfing like:

  1. “My wife is gonna kill me.”
  2. “Just hit it…”
  3. “I don’t get it, I hit it great on the range.
  4. “F&%#!”
  5. “I play a ladies’ ball. Better compression.”

We tried to focus on getting four unique golf personalities in the script which we hope carried through well to the video. For instance, Orlando Sports Photographer Cy Cyr was the family guy. Lines like “my wife is gonna kill me,” exemplified the character’s limited timeframe and marital status in one fell swoop.

Our technical guy had lines like “I have 135, center,” as he paces out the course. Our intimidating guy mostly just berates the other players with snide remarks and finally our horrible golfer has classic lines like “I’ve got to go the range” and “I hate this driver.”