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A brand is so important. In some businesses it’s everything. Take clothing for example. Most people know that clothing from different brands is made in the same factories, but they pay more for nearly the same apparel because they like the clout the brand gives them. That’s how powerful a brand can be, and a brand video is a big part of building that image.

Brand videos can mold your corporate image into exactly what you want. They take your unique brand identity, polish it, and put it into video form, then share it with the world. The result is a series of brand videos with a message that perfectly describes your company and builds trust with potential as well as existing customers. And that trust can turn into sales. The process of creating brand videos is simple with CSK Creative.

The first step to every brand video CSK Creative makes is listening.

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We have a pre-production (more like brainstorming) session where we hear directly from you what makes your brand unique. Your company story, your differentiators, your secret sauce, your fantastic people, your groundbreaking process—whatever it may be, we will take that information and use our decades of experience to mold that message into a concept. We will bounce ideas around about how we can use cutting-edge video techniques to bring the viewer’s experience to the next level to keep them engaged from start to finish. Together we will figure out what works, what doesn’t, then we will get it all down on paper. Well, digitally. This next step is called the storyboard.

The storyboard shows us what your video will look like before we shoot it. Some videos require it, some don’t. Some are planned to the finest detail, and some are more loose. Many just require a shot list, which shows us all the shots we will need on the day of. It all depends on the specific circumstances.

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From there we shoot. This is the really fun part. CSK Creative takes the reigns and makes everything simple. We specialize in making your team look like experts, even if they’re a little nervous about getting in front of the camera. Your people, after all, may be a cornerstone of your brand.

And finally, there’s the editing. This is where we take the raw footage and cut it together into your masterpiece brand videos. By this point, we know a lot about how the video is going to look, so it’s just a question of putting things together in the right order, cutting out the “umms” and “awws” and creating the custom graphics made specifically for your company.

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And that’s it! Your brand videos are now ready for your customers’ eyes. If this sounds easy, it is. Contact us now to talk about your brand videos and how CSK Creative can make them happen.