Award winning animated video series for the Orlando video marketing team at CSK Creative.

Orlando Video Marketing Team Wins Award!

By:  Keely Kotilinek

This Orlando video marketing agency is all a buzz lately! We found out our super hero creation of Boat Man, for the US Coast Guard, took 1st place for Video PSA category at the International Boating and Water Safety Summit (IBWSS) for 2018. We are so proud of our Orlando video marketing team!

How Did This Happen?

CSK Creative resides in Florida where boating occurs year round, so naturally the Orlando video marketing team hit the ground running with creativity.  Boat Man exists solely on the concept that everyone who participates in all water sports and boating industries should enjoy learning about the safety and techniques when out on the water. Period! What better and unique way to learn than to create a super hero with absolutely no power. However, he can tell you everything you need to know about being safe when enjoying water activities. Yes! Boat Man will save the day!

Cast And Crew Topnotch!

From the creation, hiring talent, full pre and post video production to the final edits, we were able to showcase Boat Man in a video series all our own. Check out the super hero in action here. Many thanks to our Orlando video marketing team, talent – Todd Ristorcelli, Janna Burgess, Aaron Wendler – Chad Sharpe, Malibu Boats and the Water Sports Industry Association.

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It’s genuinely rewarding and thrilling to be recognized for our creativity and hard work. The best part is we get to do this every day. This was an incredible opportunity presented to us. We are extremely grateful. We strive to always step outside of the box creatively and go for it! When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work!

Let Us Help You!

Being unique and crafting a concept from start to finish is our game. We relish in this kind of work and would love to help you and your company with your marketing efforts.