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We at CSK Creative recently had the pleasure of working with GameSim, one of the tech industry’s fastest-growing companies. GameSim is a modeling and simulation company that focuses on the video game, military and GSI industries. Andrew Tosh (the Orlando-based brother of television star Daniel Tosh) started the company as a one-man-band and has grown to over 35 employees.

Andrew and I sat down to consult about preproduction strategy first—which is imperative in any high-end production to gauge the client’s needs and objectives—and we decided that the video needed a tech-forward feel with a soft, approachable side that wouldn’t intimidate potential clients.

The video was to be the company’s flagship marketing tool that would take pride of place at Being a graphics-based company, they handled the motion graphics in-house, and we at CSK Creative collaborated closely via email and instant messenger during the post production to tweak the video and produce exactly the sales/marketing tool they needed.

Working with a forward-reaching tech company was a fun new challenge. The video covers the company’s inception, core competencies, work with high-end companies like EA Sports, and future goals. We put special emphasis on communicating to potential clients that GameSim was a fully capable, one-stop-shop equipped to handle huge projects from start to finish, and not just subcontracted parts of bigger projects.

We made the script and final video as evergreen as possible so the team at GameSim could make tweaks to stats and figures within the graphics whenever necessary so they had an up-to-date, polished marketing piece that the company would be proud of for years to come.

Check out the video below and let us know if we can help you reach your video marketing goals by contacting us.

Andrew Tosh, President of GameSim

Andrew Tosh hard at work on the next big project for GameSim, an Orlando-based modeling and simulation company


By:  Craig Kotilinek

POV video

Oh Boy! Oberto Hydroplane boat with driver Steve David

Graham Trucking Hydroplane boat with driver Jimmy Shane

When we got to the American Power Boating Association’s (APBA) site in Detroit, Michigan, we were immediately taken by just how aggressive the hydroplane boats were. They each had a trash-can-size jet engine on the back that wound up just like a jet, and drove a $15,000 propeller that was only good for 120 hours. We were charged with mounting JVC’s second-generation Adixxion point of view (POV) cameras on these boats as they raced up to 130 miles per hour through watersports’ most aggressive turn. We only ended up losing one camera, and that was when a sheet of water came off the back of another boat and hit so violently that it knocked not only our camera off, but also the entire front wing on the boat. Needless to say, there are some serious forces at work during these races.

We used RAM mounts to go into the 1/4-20 threads of the Adixxion. We generally stuck to the muffler clamp mount on the outside of the boat, and the suction cup mount or JVC’s standard VHB-tape mount for inside the cockpit.

For post production, we did a mock-3D text integrated into the live-action footage to introduce the driver and location. This doesn’t contain real 3D architecture, but it ended up being a convincing forgery after applying lights and a mock shadow/reflection in Adobe After Effects. For the aerials, we weren’t able to get up into the helicopter due to passenger restrictions, but we threw one of the cameras on the lead judge’s helmet. After sifting through literally hours of footage, we came up with about four usable clips that were each under five seconds long, and shaking like crazy. We stabilized the footage in After Effects and ended up getting some really nice stuff out of what started as almost-unusable footage. Overall, we were really happy with the way the videos turned out, and it was another case of making the most of POV footage, which is lower resolution and lower quality, but can capture some amazing angles.


Sports Team Video

By:  Craig Kotilinek

European waterski and apparel manufacturer Sans Rival Waterskis needed a video to introduce their all-new shape, the SR3. We wanted to make it a party atmosphere that was as much about the lifestyle of the team as it was about the ski, so we went with a handheld feel with quick cuts and lively music.

We wanted to get as much mass appeal into the action-sports-style video as possible while still introducing the new product. Let us know how we did!

The Sans Rival team consists of Martin Kolman, Claudio Köstenberger, Geena Krueger, Swoboda Matthias, Daniel Odvarko, Franz Oberleitner and Ty Oppenlander.

professional golf videographer

We at CSK Creative recently finished the post-production on a shoot for Dunning, one of the most prestigious brands in Tech Apparel.

Dunning Golf is a relatively new division of the clothing company, but is rapidly growing and Ralph Dunning, the company’s founder and namesake, decided it was a good time to get Golf Digest to make a video. Golf Digest chose CSK Creative for the production work, and we executed a two-camera shoot with a Canon 5D and a Canon 7D at the PGA Merchandise Show, where Ralph Dunning was available for about an hour and a half. There usually isn’t much time in the schedule of busy executives like Dunning, so we shot as quickly as we could.

From there, we finished off with post production in Final Cut Pro, as well as Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. The key to this video was to capture the essence of Ralph Dunning through proper editing of the man’s comments.

Flying Magazine

The video above is an overview for Flying Magazine of  Sun n Fun’s warbird section and includes interviews with some of the participants and exhibitors as well as beautiful shots of the various aircraft onsite. The video also includes a tour of the world’s only flying Boeing B-29 Super Fortress, nicknamed Fifi, a Howard DGA (find out what DGA stands for), the Crazy Horse P-51 Mustang and a B-25 Mitchell.

If you would like to hire us as a Sun n Fun videographer please don’t hesitate to contact us on the form to the right side.

Golf Digest Logo

A Video Tribute to Golf Dialog

CSK Creative shot this video with Golf Digest. We had a blast and learned a few things about golf vernacular.

If you’re not a golfer, you’re probably not going to get some of the quirky remarks. If you are a golfer, pick out how many things you or your buddies have said on the course and email it to me at

Behind the Scenes

Sh*t Golfers Say was produced in the golf capital of the world, sunny Orlando Florida at Rio Pinar Country Club. We filmed this video with the Canon 7D with audio being recorded on a Tascam DR40 with two Sennheiser wireless mics. We mic’ed up two of the talent at a time and focused the golf dialog on that pair, with the other two being background color and providing reactions. Then, we’d switch over the mics to the two and get more takes and then move on to the next location. All together, we recorded 125 unique takes of different phrases common in golfing like:

  1. “My wife is gonna kill me.”
  2. “Just hit it…”
  3. “I don’t get it, I hit it great on the range.
  4. “F&%#!”
  5. “I play a ladies’ ball. Better compression.”

We tried to focus on getting four unique golf personalities in the script which we hope carried through well to the video. For instance, Orlando Sports Photographer Cy Cyr was the family guy. Lines like “my wife is gonna kill me,” exemplified the character’s limited timeframe and marital status in one fell swoop.

Our technical guy had lines like “I have 135, center,” as he paces out the course. Our intimidating guy mostly just berates the other players with snide remarks and finally our horrible golfer has classic lines like “I’ve got to go the range” and “I hate this driver.”