Aerial Videos

Orlando Drone VideosGone are the days when you had to hire a licensed pilot and rent a full-size helicopter just to get decent aerial videos. Today, all you need is a drone and a good camera that will let you capture impressive images above ground level. But the key is to find the right company with the right experience so that your corporate aerial videos stand above the crowd and make an indelible impression on your clients. What we like to call the “wow” factor that really makes an impression.

CSK Creative has produced countless corporate aerial videos over many years. We have a full crew of trained professionals and cutting-edge equipment to create drone videos that go beyond our clients’ expectations. Our aerial videos oftentimes become the cornerstone of a company’s corporate marketing efforts. Whether featured in the top section of their website or a staple on their YouTube channel, our aerial videos are powerful and impactful. Plus, we have our 107 license from the FAA so you know you’re working with a legal, licensed drone operator for your aerial video.

The Aerial Footage Advantage

Almost anybody with a nice camera can take great video footage on the ground. But it takes precision and accuracy to shoot amazing videos from the air. The perfect angles must be achieved to produce impressive aerial footage. Therefore, it is important to hire a professional videographer when shooting aerial videos.

It is oftentimes easy to spot an amateur aerial drone video. The jagged movements, the bumpy ride, the use of automatic exposure and the poor timing are telltale signs of inexperience and training wheels. Likewise, you can quickly tell if an aerial video is shot by a serious professional. Those videos can take your breath away, and leave you with a lasting impression.

Aerial videos offer a clear, bird’s eye view of everything that’s going on below. Back when this footage was shot from helicopters, getting a high-quality aerial video could be very expensive. You would even have to secure permits to schedule a flight, and you still couldn’t get the unique angles a drone is capable of with its small form factor. These days we can also get real-time flight clearance from the FAA in most areas—no calling the tower, no mail-in forms, just instant clearance.

With CSK Creative, we offer aerial video and image for just about any project you want to produce. We make it quick, affordable, and very convenient for you. Best of all, you can expect majestic and awe-inspiring videos that you can use for your project. Our corporate clients rely on our expertise to produce powerful marketing material that can take your company to the next level. We get to know your company, as well as your marketing objectives so that we can recommend the perfect approach to promote your product or service.

Aerial Videos Orlando

Aerial Videos in Orlando, FL and Beyond

Orlando and its neighboring areas throughout Central Florida are perfect for aerial shots. There are endless stunning views and breathtaking scenery, and most days are clear skies and perfect flying conditions. Whether you need aerial footage for your corporate video, advertisements, or marketing, we have you covered. Our experience at CSK Creative will manifest itself throughout the entire process, and give you a strong comfort level that your marketing goals are in good hands. Plus, you’ll be alongside us every step of the way approving shots and directing any specific angles you may have in mind.

CSK Creative has a team of highly trained videography pros who can assist you in getting the best aerial videos you need in Orlando and beyond. We are located in Orlando, FL but have the ability to travel to your destination of choice depending on the type of shoot you have in mind. So if you need Tampa aerial videos, Miami aerial videos, Orlando aerial videos, or Jacksonville aerial videos, we have the resources and reach to make it happen.

Our corporate aerial video production is tops in the industry, and we have invested heavily in top-of-line equipment to produce extraordinary quality and resolution. Are you ready to consult with us and get a quote? Just call us at (407) 250-7373 to schedule a free consultation!