Aerial Video Advantages for Marketing

An aerial video is a type of video footage shot from above. It gives a wide, bird’s-eye view of everything that’s happening on the ground—or even on water. There are plenty of benefits in using aerial videos for marketing purposes—or your business, in general. Learn more about these benefits so you’ll know why every penny spent for this type of video is worth it. 

Gone are the days when cameramen would actually ride a helicopter or tiny airplane just to get impressive shots from the sky. These days, videographers use camera equipment called a drone that lifts a camera into the sky to shoot aerial videos. Not only does this process make aerial videography fairly quick and easy, but it also makes it more affordable as compared to having a cameraman take flight just to get video footage. 

What are the Benefits of Aerial Video for My Business?

aerial video orlandoDepending on the type of business you have or the product or service you are intending to market, aerial videos can be very beneficial.

Impressive and Impactful Shots – One of the biggest benefits of aerial videos is how it remains incomparable when it comes to getting dramatic and impactful video footage. A person can easily see what’s right in front of them, but most people rarely have the chance to see everything that surrounds them from above. 

Professional – There’s nothing that says professionally shot better than professionally shot drone video in your marketing video. When combined with impressive video production and editing, your video will separate itself from the amateurs when there are aerial video shots incorporated into it. 

An aerial video is especially useful and advantageous to certain businesses, such as those involved in real estate. It can show a property’s shape, size, location, surroundings, and layout better from shots taken above it. Resorts and other outdoor amenities may also find these videos helpful in their marketing efforts as they can give their potential guests and customers a precise portrayal of the entire resort or facility. Buildings, construction sites, and even special events marketing can use some great aerial shots for their marketing videos too. 

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