The 5 Stages of Video Production

5 stages of video production OrlandoSome people think all it takes to make an eye-catching video ad or presentation is a good idea. In actuality, much more goes into it than that. Professional film and video schools like to teach aspiring video directors a step-by-step process in creating videos such as the 5 stages of video production. These aren’t just good to know, these are essential to get any video to come across as intended. In this article, we will point out these essential video production steps and give a brief introduction to them.

Step 1: Idea Development

It takes more than just a good idea to make a video. You also must develop that idea in order to come out with a polished, professional video product. To do that, you have to:

  • Decide what you want to accomplish with the video
  • Identify your target audience
  • Decide what you hope your audience’s reaction will be when they watch the video
  • Define the terms of success with your video
  • Decide how you want to make your video known and/or your potential video distribution plan

All these video traits that you identified above will help guide your video production along the rest of the way. If you do all these things well, then you have a good chance of having success with the video you are about to make.

Step 2: Pre-Production/Scripting

This is where you will put into motion all the groundwork that it will take to make your video. This includes writing the scripts and making storyboards for it. Here you will also do such things as casting, getting a crew if needed, finding the proper equipment to make the video, and determining the locations you will shoot the video at (called location scouting.) If done indoors, then studio lighting for video production planning is also necessary.

Step 3: Production

This phase of video production is where you make the actual video itself. If you did all your pre-production steps in a well-thought-out manner, this stage should flow along relatively easy. With a good eye, attention to detail and a whole lot of thoughtful planning from the previous step, you can create a special video with very little stress in the production phase.

Step 4: Post Production

As you were shooting the video, you probably shot scenes that you were happy with and some you were not. And some just end up looking better on the big screen than they did on the production monitor. Thankfully, you can edit out what you don’t like during this step. You can also add special effects here, music, subtitles, and whatever else you need to make your video come out the way you want it. This is the step where a lot of the emotions you hoped to evoke in the first phase can be brought out and many of the wrinkles can be ironed out. You will really see your project come to life in the post production phase.  

Step 5: Marketing/Distribution

So now you have your finished video. If you have followed the first four steps, you must be pleased with the finished product. Now it’s time to execute what your purpose for making a video was in the first place. This will be things like showing it to people for pleasure, using it as a marketing tool for your business or to place on social media to make a point or express an opinion. You should be able to do that now that your video production task is complete.

Learning about these 5 stages of video production is very important when you want to create video content for your website, marketing needs or anywhere else you may need it. Especially when you run a business, careful and strategic planning is essential to ensure that your video output will produce positive results for your company, because an unprofessional video can have the exact opposite effects on your business (and your bottom line) as a sleek, professional video. To help execute all the stages above, you can get in touch with the expert Orlando videographers of CSK Creative. We also provide videographer for corporate events services. We are an Orlando-based company that’s ready to assist you in all of your video production needs. Let’s talk about your project. Call us at 407-250-7373 today!